Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Apu is a fine dining Filipino restaurant located at the City of Dreams Manila. Their dishes are traditional Pinoy food, not just with a twist, but with added flair. Interiors are sheik and classy. Large, plush chairs per guest, detailed table setting, clean wooden floors reminiscent of old Fil-Spanish houses, and a handsome bar by the wall. Servers wear traditional Filipiniana dresses for ladies, and dark Barong of sort for men. You come here expecting high rates, but everyone is welcome to view the Menu placed outside before coming in.
It's being transported to the elites of old Manila.
We were the sole guests at the time.
Bar by the corner is where most staff gravitate to. Entry to the kitchen is also here.
Opulent table setting. Place mat is leaf-shaped.
Soda and Ripe Mango Juice
Kesong Puti Salad: Php450
Dagupan Bangus Tinapa Pate: Php290
Fried Banana

  • All I can say is, 100% recommended! Each dish was f*cking delicious and beyond! Too bad we don't have a lot of extra money, I would've ordered more.
  • Their Tinapa Pate was amazing, and their Kesong Puti Salad was perfect! The flavours and fusion! This is the kind of restaurant I like to visit! They do require a large amount of cash, but that's understandable. You pay for the food-high you get. It was awesome!
  • Serving size is not for sharing. Plates are big but contents are not.
  • I came to Apu with my mom and cousin. Next time, I come alone. (no sharing lol!)
  • I don't like their water though. I ordered plain water and it's got sparkles in it (sparkling water).

Upper ground floor, City of Dreams

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