Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuan Tuan Chinese Braserrie

Tuan Tuan Chinese Braserrie is reminiscent of the peak of Shanghai culture, glamour, and opulence. With a hint of French flair, the sparkling chandeliers, wall mouldings, mirrors to illuminate more, and the suspenders-wearing waiters. In all graciousness, the dining area is a delight. We couldn't stop appreciating the good choices the designers made from the softness of the lights to the colour palettes. 
SM Aura Taguig branch
Like the 30's all over again
Walls of framed images mirrored, and part of the open kitchen can be seen.
Lovely, complimenting hues and lighting
From a different angle, your view as you step inside.
A group, gathering, or unity.
House tea
Peanut Sate Noodle Soup: Php498
Cantonese Lemon Tea (hot): Php98
Crispy Barbecue Pork Snow Buns: Php128

5th floor, SM Aura, Taguig
Tel: +63 906433259

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