Friday, September 23, 2016

Tokyo Day Tour

 If you only have a few days to see Tokyo, skip Tokyo Disney and indulge more on the simple beauty of city streets. You'll see tons of interesting shops, concepts unfamiliar, while others remarkable. It's fascinating exploring the daily routines of Japanese living. As busy as Tokyo is, there's an organized system in place. People were mindful of their trash. Not as friendly as Pinoys, but definitely responsive, polite and proper. In tourist places, restaurants, and stores, most staff can understand and speak English. 
Harajuku Takeshita Street is a must-see to dive into the phenomenally large Anime and Cosplay market of Japan. You can find all sorts of unique costumes, accessories, bags, or makeup items here. In some days, cosplayers litter the street and pose for tourists in specific locations nearby.

There are restaurants and foodcourts along Harajuku street.
Near Tokyo Tower, the street lights and cool night air will keep you energized.
On the way to the Imperial Palace is this large pond, next to the brick bridge. Modern buildings surround the area, as trees line the pond. A lot joggers come here. The park nearby also attracts photoshoots for pre-nup and other events.
Tokyo underground train station is close to flawless. Clean and roomy enough to accommodate large commuters. There are shops, restaurants, cafes connected to the stations and underground. You'll pass extensive amount of establishments as you walk to your exit.
Local eatery serving ramen and local delicacies. If you want authentic, try small ramen shops like this.
Senso-ji Temple at night. The advantage of coming here at night is that there are less people, and the whole temple sparkles with all its lights open. Downside is that it's closed.
Senso-ji Temple daytime. It was raining, but tourists still come to offer prayers and visit. A long strip of souvenir stalls pave the way to the temple. You can get everything temple-related there, as well as other usual items- magnets, keychairs, fans, umbrellas, shirts, etc..
Shibuya is the central vein of Tokyo. The core of the central business district. Aside from the popular 5-way intersection, numerous establishments open late, and the supply of people arriving never seem to run out. Bit of a traffic in most streets, so most people take the trains.
View from Tokyo Metropolitan Building Observation Deck. The awesome Tokyo urban planning visible from here. You could see groups of trees merge with tall towers all over the metro. Entry to the Tokyo Met Building Observatory is Free of Charge.
Tokyo Central Railway Station is the city's grand terminal, which has its own identity, adapting a sort of mix Japanese-Russian facade. This is your exit if you're headed to the Imperial Palace. You'll cross a beautiful, open park lined with trees and gardens.
Tokyo Tower lights up the sky at night. The tower's colour changes.
Ueno Zoo, I would say, is a must-visit. If you're coming from a tropical country and have never seen a live giant panda and polar bear, then head to Ueno to see them up close. Ueno is part of the numerous attractions you can see in the area. The Kaneiji Temple, Kiyomizu Kannon Temple, Toshogu Shrine, Bentendo, Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, Tokyo Met Art Museum, Shitamachi Museum are in the same location. You will pass by most of the museums going to Ueno. Train Exit: JR Ueno Station. Ueno Zoo Entrance fee: JPY 600
They say that seeing the actual Mt. Fuji is good luck (for visitors, I guess lol). Well, we didn't get to visit it because we only spent several days in Tokyo. But while on the plane I saw its peak. I think that still counts for great luck!
Breakfast haul from Life Supermarket. I'm speaking for myself when I say the best thing in Japan is the food! The tiny servings of a hundred different items in one meal is my ultimate dream to eat every single day. They never seem to ran out of variety.
This rice dish with fish, some cracked lotus roots, egg, squash slices. Wish we have these in our supermarkets too.
Supermarkets are technically more expensive than convenience stores (like Family Mart). Family Mart also serve bento rice meals, ramen, sandwiches, and beverages. Although some smaller branches will have lesser options for bento meals.
This small packed lunch will make you full already.
Since I always hunger for rice, I'm was always armed with Inari Sushi while in Tokyo. These are deep-fried tofu pockets filled with rice inside, and they're damn good. I tried the Inari Sushi in Nadai Fujisoba and it's bit close to taste.
Dinner at Diver City food court, Curry meal: JPY 400
Genki Sushi in Shibuya is such fun! Everyone gets their own screen, you order from there. Food coming from the kitchen travels along the train rail and will stop in front of you if it's your order. Just don't go grabbing plates that 's not yours. What I love best is the individual faucet of hot water (yup, per customer) and the green tea powder at your disposal. I live for tea so this unlimited tea setup kept me really happy and full.
Genki Sushi is now also available in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.
Wolfgang Puck Cafe at Takeshita Street, Harajuku
We tried some dishes at Wolfgang Puck Cafe, because Wolfgang Puck. Guess he picked the Menu for this branch. Taste-wise, nothing in the level of an award-winning chef.
Steak at Denny's. Love the meat and veggy combo. Denny's just recently opened in Manila too.

  • Before flying to Japan, check the weather. 
  • You can rent a pocket wifi at the airport and return it as you leave. Rate is around JPY450/day (unlimited). There may be cheaper options available. Check at the airport.
  • Buses are precisely on time. So if you think it's weird they have departures or arrivals on 2:43 or 11:37, you'll find out soon enough the bus arrives exactly that minute. Bus drivers don't take the payments. As you board, each bus has machines where you insert bills or drop coins, and will give you exact change. You can pay in smaller bills and coins. 
  • From the airport, we took a bus, train, and dragged our luggages across several streets. And we were safe and comfortable the whole time. We only had 1 bag each (with wheels). It could be more convenient to take a taxi, but that's expensive. 
  • There are rituals you can perform for fun. But some people really believe in these ceremonies, so always be respectful of their culture, especially at temples. 

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