Tuesday, September 27, 2016


You will love the dining experience in Kimukatsu, located at Century City Mall. From the outside, it looks quite narrow. But then you enter a corridor, and see these partitions designed like house walls. It's practically has a tiny village inside. The black, shiny walls feel cool and warm at the same time. Several areas are separated with archways, some mimicking cherry blossoms, others have traditional lanterns act as streetlights.
Black corridor
One dining area featuring all-black tables and chairs. This can made into a room by closing in the vertical blinds.
Couches housed within a lovely cove.
Colorful artworks adorn the wall.
Love the warrior plating, feels like I'm fueling up for battle.
House tea
Potato salad: Php130
Menchi Katsu set: Php380
Part of the set, rice
Part of the set, miso soup and sesame seeds
Part of the set, refillable shredded cabbage
Kimukatsu Menu
Kimukatsu Menu

  • My mom loves their Potato Salad. She's very hard to please with these food as she's very partial to Filipino dishes. But she swears by their salad and said it's the best she's had. So I'd be recommending their Potato Salad.
3rd floor, Century City Mall, Makati
Tel: 02 8120333

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