Hazumi is a Japanese restaurant located in the still-being-developed dining strip near Balanga Public Market. It was practically deserted when we came, but it was nearing late-lunch and we wanted an air-conditioned resto due to high heat. The bamboo accents and wooden materials, from outside to in, showed that the place runs a decorated theme.
It was nice and tries to have the same ambiance of standard Japanese restos. Red and black, although this time their wood isn't wenge. The overall pattern with the greens and splashes of yellow show a different variant of Japanese dining. 
Each table comes with a mini burner, napkin-toothpick holder, and some mats. Chopsticks are added upon ordering.
A samurai-like sword thrusted into the steak, with corn-on-the-cob skewered through. Bloody awesome! The sword is bit heavy and corn suffers terribly as we try to take it out. Still, it's definitely a presentation.
Green tea and steamed rice
Garlic rice

Capitol Drive, San Jose, Balanga, Bataan
Tel: 0932 365 4623

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