Thursday, September 15, 2016


Gaspi's is an Italian restaurant located at SM BF Paranaque. It's a full-on replica of Italian interiors, with bloody brick walls, arched dividing walls, Renaissanc-inspired stickers on mirrors, and delicate drop lights. It should be warm, but felt a bit generic at the time. Probably the hunger.
Peeking from the outside, it promises warm hearty meals with your Mafia clan. But the menu would object, as it's not as grand as their interiors.
Lively staff chit-chat by themselves as guests contently keep to their quiet corners.
Every group will love their large table with couches.
The interiors could probably pull-off something similar to Italianni's. But their contrasting casual dining with budget-Italian dishes seem like a vague concept. but still good news 'coz it's affordable.
Gaspi's Menu
Gaspi's Menu
Gaspi's Menu
Gaspi's Menu
Calamansi Juice:Php80
Watermelon Shake: Php150
Iced tea: Php45
Pork Chops: Php280
Chicken Sandwich: Php150
This is probably Fish Fillet with Spanish Rice: Php225. I forgot, sorry.

  • I liked their Pork Chops with tomato. That I could recommend.
  • Needs to use bigger glass for hot juices.

2nd floor, SM City BF Paranaque
Tel: (02) 887-0325

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