Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gabby's Bistro

This restaurant is such a visual playground. You will run out of time appreciating every nook and corner of every inch that is unique, colourful, or shiny in this place. Welcome to Gabby's Bistro! It has a bistro concept and a lot more in between. They not only serve American food- shakes, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, the whole lot; they included some rice dishes too, because rice is life. All I know is, as you go in, you feel enveloped in a million art pieces which felt like hours and hours of energy and effort were spent creating it. And we love it! Whimsical, Fairy-tale-ish, sometimes cowboy-ish, but downright quirky and impressive.
Gabby's Bistro is located at the Florentina Homes complex. Ample parking area for motorcycles and cars.
The castle tower fort is part of the hotel. So the bistro does not fall far behind with its decor.
Lovely outdoor area. No public vehicles pass here, except for those bound to park.
Nice cozy cove while waiting.
Extended outdoor dining area
This corridor exploded with colours and accessories.
Display counter with brass chandelier droplights.
The privacy, peacefulness, and bold colours will keep your energy up.
Newspapers available to read, perfect with your AM coffee.
Calamansi Juice: Php40
Soup: Php50

Tomato Broth Soup: Php50

Grilled Salmon: Php365

Dory Creole: Php195

Ramon's Liempo: Php175

Oreo Bonanza: Php145

  • Price is very affordable. 
  • This is a great place for any reason actually - date, group meet, family, pals, by yourself.
  • It's cheery fun and the long list of items on their menu may confuse you a bit and take you about 10 minutes to decide, but you won't be going anywhere. You'd love to stay here and lounge.
Gabby's Bistro
E Rovira Dr, Negros Oriental

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