Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Venetian Macau Foodcourt

The Venetian Macau Foodcourt is a jam-packed cafeteria-slash-fast food, brimming with tourists and more tourists. Groups and families, each trying to secure a table for lunch or whatnot. The faux grandeur of Venice skies could not match the frenzy below, as people hurry on scanning menus and food servings. As you silently walk your own runway along the Venetian hallways of luxe and gold, the ambiance of the food court is a far opposite. It's hustle or be hungry.
International cuisines on parade. From Western to European to Asian. Mind some outlets as they don't have English-version of the food names. You can still order by pointing to the photos. Although very inconvenient, especially if you have questions. 
Like casino, but food
Cobblestones still resemble old Europe, but hardly gets noticed by hoards of crowd. Still, energy was high and that's a good thing.
Prices in this restaurant ranges from MOP30 to MOP50
I think we ordered from this outlet.
Charming Gourmet also offers reasonably priced food.
Rice, chicken wings, meat with bokchoy, mango juice
Sticky rice cakes
Chicken Noodle

  • It's all chopsticks. I had to ask each outlet if they have a fork for my mom, and most of them have none. Fortunately, one staff I asked was Pinoy, and immediately gave me a plastic fork. Note to self when travelling around China, bring a spork.
  • Food court is authentic. The buzz, the noise, the laughter and overcrowd. Locals and foreign people mix and adapt.

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