Saturday, July 23, 2016

Things to do in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a bus and boat away from the metro. It's one of the short weekend getaways you can try. A mere 3-hr bus ride from Manila to Batangas, and 1-hr boating to cross the islands. It's not just the beaches and water activities that can be seen here. You can marvel at the lush forestry, blue ocean at every corner, and wide roads.
Outside our hotel, Tamaraw Beach Resort, we rented a tricycle for Php600 to take us to different tourist spots.
Jeepneys and multicabs parked near the falls
The beautiful Tamaraw Falls can be seen from the road/bridge. You can hear water rapidly flowing from a few meters away.
The falls continue to flow to this man-made pool, which also falls to a lower level pool.
Fun under the bridge
There are huts you can occupy if you plan to swim or spend the day here.
Entrance fee is Php25 per head
We then went to Tukuran Hanging Bridge. According to one local, this is just an everyday bridge that people in the area use, which happened to be hanging. Government didn't provide a proper bridge so this became the norm. They improved and secured it. Tourists love the idea of a 'hanging bridge' and somewhat romanticized the place.
Still, my companion was super happy as it's her first time to see local farm animals lols.
Our trike driver informed us of this awesome spot, the Virgin Beach. From the road, we trekked on rocks to lower ourselves. Hardly a trek, but you have to climb down. the waters were majestic, I wanted to dive. There's a nearby resort somewhere, because a kayak came rowing by.
Mama Mary perched on top of the rocks.
From the other side of the rock, the beach continues to stretch to a more serene one.
We asked to be dropped off at the famed White Beach. Similar to Boracay in a way, but lesser people and not as commercialized. Hotels after another vie for beach access. Restaurant, shops, live bands, fire dancers can all be found here.
Water activities have more or less similar rates with Boracay.
Musical band playing on the shores. Donations are welcome.
As the sun sets, we headed back to our hotel for more peaceful beachfront. Check out the ferry boat price rates when you travel from >> Manila to Puerto Galera <<

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