Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace is a unique cafe promoting peace, love, and creativity. Hand-painted murals on the wall and customers' positive messages provide a personal touch to each table. You can leave a message on one of the attached stationaries in your bill. Votive candles and character lighting makes up the playful dining area. This branch is located at Aura's lower level.
Trellis and drop trinkets
Mechanical lighting features actually flutter like birds or lamps with wings.
Full wall with signs of love, hope, and beauty

Guests' notes are displayed on tables
Tea pot: Php99
Leek & Saffron Plate: Php395
Sirloin Beef Tapa: Php352
Chicken Inasal with Tomato and Wansoy Salsa: Php256 (split in half)
Cake slice came with the Leek & Saffron plate
Limone Santi (slice): Php130
Traditional Chocolate: Php122
Mary Grace Mushroom Cream: Php330
White Hot Chocolate: Php121
Grilled Ensaymada: Php90
Tsoknut Chocolate: Php120
Tsoknut Choco: Php120
Cheese Roll

 Tocino, Rice, Ham Omelette: Php382
  Crispy Cassave Chips with Onion Dip: Php194
Awesome comfort room

  • Mary Grace Cafe basks in the grace of God and Mama Mary. We love their whimsical take on such deep religious matter and translated it to a warm, fairy tale-like abode.
  • Inspirational quotes and reminders subtly alleviate stress.
  • Food serving size and cake slices can be for sharing. 
  • My fave are Limone Santi, and their Perfect Plates.
  • We prefer the Aura branch. I reckon it has the best interiors. 

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