Monday, July 25, 2016

Manila to Puerto Galera

Travelling from Manila to Puerto Galera takes only about 4hours. We started morning, ordered drive-thru take away in Jollibee and had our breakfast inside the bus. Take a Ceres bus in Buendia bound for Batangas Port. Bus fare is around Php160. These are modern buses with large windows, good A/C, movie on board. As you arrive, people immediately make a bee line to the port terminal ticketing area. There will be plenty of ticket 'aides' asking questions where you're headed, do you need help with your bags. They're quick too so don't be distracted.
One guy insisted on assisting us so we allowed him. He was harmless and actually informed us which ferry is next to leave. We got our tickets and off we went. No tip given, he didn't ask any.
Ferries bound to Muelle and Sabang rate for around Php230 per head. Boats straight to White Beach costs around Php270. Two-way for Muelle is Php430, Sabang Php450, White Beach Php500. Best if you buy 2-way tickets. It's good to reserve a spot on your way back instead of buying as you leave, there may not be available slots anymore. Also, pay Terminal Fee of Php30 at Batangas Port.
Quite organized ticketing area. But then it wasn't peak season.
A lot of boats operate the Puerto Galera route, but others go to Calapan or other islands.
We grabbed our tickets and boarded the next boat. It's a large wooden boat with a roof, bamboo rafts on each side for support (or balance), life vests (stored on top). Kids and teens swim and boat nearly. They do somersaults or try to entertain tourists, hoping for donations.
The ferry have just enough room for passengers. Plastic chairs in the middle provide extra seats.
Strictly bring-your-own-baggage. There are no compartments or storage areas. Try not to bring your closet and just pack light. Coming from Batangas to Manila, local vendors will often come on board to sell items before the ferry leaves. I was able to buy all the 'pakaskas' from one vendor for discounted price. It's a rare delicacy only made in Verde Island, and sold in nearby islands during fiestas or celebrations. 
Muelle Port. There are waiting chairs and proper roof. Ocean and hills are best view to have.
Yachts and private boats anchored nearby
We stayed at Tamaraw Beach Resort and our hotel service provided free ride pickup and drop-off to the port. We rode past stalls of shops selling clothes, bags, trinkets, beach wear, anything under the sun. Check out the >> Things to do in Puerto Galera <<

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