Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Macau Tower

Macau Tower is an observatory which overlooks the whole of the city. But it gained more popularity with AJ Hackett bungee jumping facility located on top. You drop 233m, about half a minute of less, with a whopping price of MOP 3288 per jump. Still, we met some jumper inside the elevator and they said it was worth every second, up to the last cent. Jump the second time at a discounted rate of MOP 1088. Opt for some photos and videos (saved in USB) for MOP 799.
As you enter, the spacious lobby opens below. Descend and follow the signs to get to the Observatory elevator. There's a mini casino here, restaurants, and luxury goods shops.
Observatory counter level is dedicated at the tower. There are historical timeline of its construction, as well as souvenir hallway.
Buy your tickets here. Try to fall in line, although some will just cut you and go straight to ticketing staff. Frustrating, yes, but please accept the culture. Try not to let it ruin your vacay.
Macau Tower tickets for the Observatory: MOP 135. You have access to 58th and 61st floors.
Epic view. Well worth it. There are some portions of the floor made with glass. So you see the harrowing view below from 58 floors up. Quite terrifying and fun. A lot of people take photos here and leave quickly lol. 
The level where you bungee jump. Was quite cold here and the wind was pushing on me = blur
Here is where you gear up for the jump.
Mocha Cafe, next to Mocha Casino, is located at the ground level. They have price-friendly menu so we decided to get congee and tea.
Nice casual interiors. Servers were courteous and quick.
House Tea
Sliced Beef Congee: MOP38
Plain Congee: MOP12
Tuna & Ham Sandwich: MOP34

Macau Tower
Macau PRC

Mocha Cafe
Macau Tower Convention

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