Monday, July 11, 2016

Go Hotels Dumaguete

Go Hotels in Dumaguete City has the same room interiors, facade colours, and copyrighted logo as other branches. Here, it's located next to yet another Robinsons Mall. Although this time, Go Hotels has no tie-up with a local resto, so guests must explore further out to get breakfast. Mall restaurants open 10AM, so early birds need to walk about 100 meters to the tricycle terminal and ride to a nearby breakfast joint. 
The open lobby is wide and spacious. It was kept clean the whole time, and the breeze from outside provides a welcoming feel. Across Go Hotels is the Teletech building. Dumaguete is fast becoming another call center hub in the South.
As with other branches, dining inside rooms is not advisable. There are tables and chairs provided in this common area at the 2nd floor, which connects to all room corridors. But of course some people still bring food inside. Nobody actually checks on this regulation, I've noticed.
Standard Room without breakfast: around Php1100 (Agoda)
Room was good and amenities were all new and minimal. Cabled TV, A/C, Foldable table, Bathroom with hot water, towels and hygiene kits were provided for.
Bathroom with full counter. No bidet, though.
Shower enclosure

  • Go Hotels will always be one of my back-up options. If nothing's better, you can bet their hotels will provide you a modern, standard room with complete amenities. Price is not too bad, either. More or less a grand, across their branches all over the country. 
  • Keep in mind these hotels don't have restaurants, unless a tie-up is available, like in Go Hotels Edsa which has Tokyo Cafe.
  • For breakfast, you can try: Jollibee or McDonald's at Perdices St. (5-8mins by trike), Food Net (affordable cafeteria-style), or try the local market for Budbod and Tsokolate (classic). Or you can crash other hotel's breakfast offerings. Hotel Essencia offers breakfast buffet for about Php190 more or less, I think. Bethel's Guesthouse's cafeteria overlooks the ocean.

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