Friday, June 3, 2016

Updated: Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay

Viewpark Hotel in Tagaytay have expanded their backyard to a bigger, and lovely hotel villa. A courtyard in the middle provides open space and running area for children, and an event venue for gatherings. The pool is a cool addition. Although it's cold in Tagaytay, dipping in the water during the day is relaxing and fun. Select plants and manicured lawns project a well-maintained property. Check out my previous 2010 Viewpark Hotel Review and see the immense improvement they've made.
The outer corridor is still present, with a green roof this time and crawling vines.
The surprise is at the back. This part was gated before and looked like a separate property. Glad that they expanded this way to provide a nice garden.
Up the stairs used to be parking space, and a construction site. The small rooms were located there before, until now. That's where we stayed (cheapest room).
The pool is blue as the sky.
New rooms on the tower. This would have higher rates, and great views I suppose.
This al fresco dining is just outside Red Lemon Grill, I think, if they haven't changed the name yet. You can see the cars parked at the bigger parking area.
Come night time, the place sparkles, drama photography ensues. My cam was of poor quality though :(
Red Lemon Grill on the 2nd level. Ground level is probably the Spa or staff room. Never got to explore there.
The pool is seen from inside the building, where another hotel lobby is.
 Red Lemon Grill interiors. Very country European.
 Their distinct design was beautiful and subtly classic. I like the non-grandeur of materials. There's a comfort room in the restaurant as well so non-hotel guests can dine just fine.
 Tall, large windows let the light in and the greenery outside gets appreciated by guests.
 Standard Room with free WiFi: Php2000 with breakfast for 2
 Though tiny, it has cable TV, closet, en-suite bathroom, AC
 Vanity table where you can also eat.
 Hot shower, no bidet
 Towels and toiletries provided
 Complimentary soap and shampoo
 Disposable slippers
 Red Lemon Grill Menu
  Red Lemon Grill Menu
Adam's Cafe Menu
Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay Room Rates
 Complimentary set breakfast
  Complimentary set breakfast
 Complimentary set breakfast
  Complimentary set breakfast comes with fruit plate
 Grilled Pusit: Php250
 Squash Bisque: Php120
 Toasted bread
 Tuna Sandwich: Php120
Hot Chocolate: Php95

  • Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay is still one of Tagaytay's high standard hotels that also offer an affordable option for Php2000 per night. Most good hotels ask for way more than that. 
  • Location is great as jeepney route is just outside. Tricycles also come because Tagaytay Picnic Grove is steps away across the road.
  • I believe they accept credit cards.
  • Room service is available with limited hours.
  • It's a bit far from Tagaytay central, but one ride is all it takes. By night time, jeepneys may be limited.
  • Highly recommended!

3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City 4120
Tel: (046) 413 - 0862

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