Thursday, June 2, 2016

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

The mecca of high teas had finally landed its golden bearings in Manila.
The see-thru walls beckon tea lovers for a sniff. Nothing screams grandeur and elegance like gold-brimmed walls, sparkling halogens, and tall cans of tea leaves.
TWG's gallery features hundreds of tea variants, each with their own back stories and origins. 
Pretty looking tea packs, jars, boxes in solid colours.
Like a library, but instead, tea jars.
The entryway presents the teas of sale, as well as few pastries and sweets. On to your left leads to several dining tables.
More boxed teas for sale
Pastries for high tea.
Freshly baked goods and pastries
Table setting is super classy. White linens in pristine state, with heavy silver cutlery and white plates, cups, and saucers.
Brewing fine teas since 1837. History is priceless.
These golden tea pot dresses come in black or white sleeves (holder, cover top, legs, snout), and has a button lock to conceal a simple white tea pot inside.
We got the Sweet Romance Tea - black tea which is good for meat (lasagna); and Secret Tea which is also black, perfect for the terderloin. Each pot goes for Php195. That's the cheapest tea price out of about a thousand other tea selections. Some goes for more than a couple of thousand per pot. We must ask why it costs so much, but really we don't care coz we're not ordering that anyway.
Sugar crystals. Takes a while to dissolve.
TWG Tea Lasagna: Php380
Bolognaise Ragout with their Signature Homemade Tomato and Fresh Basil Sauce Infused with Moroccan Mint Tea
The lasagna came with a bread.
Beef Tenderloin: Php795
Beef tenderloin served with matchstick potatoes and oven-baked tomato crumble and drizzled with a rich sauce infused with Polo Club Tea
Tea Pastries: Php150
3pcs Madeleines with Earl Grey Fortune Tea
The tea pastries were served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream. We were told this is clotted cream and I love it. I wanna eat it for lunch.
Sadly a large fly got in. This is not a regular incident so don't fret much. I'm sure this is posh fly and just wanted some madeleines.
 This is my favourite set - Chic Imperial Set: Php550.
It has foie gras mini sandwich which is drool-inducing. I get this set for those few bites. It comes with tea, 3 finger sandwiches, and 2 scones or muffins. Tea Time Sets are available from 3PM to 6PM only.

Chicken Roulade: Php595
This tasted like how it looks - annoying. Maybe it was the late hours, or the kitchen's somber mood because there's no other guest in sight, but we didn't enjoy this at all. Taste didn't make sense.
Damn right. Finest teas of the world. Each person is required to get a pot of tea, as a rule. That's like a flag down of around Php195 each (lowest tea price).
  • This branch has limited seats. I've seen some patrons (who were not together) share a long table, as guests fill the room. 
  • TWG Resorts World have a bigger dining area.
  • TWG's teas are truly exquisite by taste and scent. Whether or not its worth the steep price, I don't know, but it's definitely not a lipton.
  • Recommended? Yes, but don't come hurried. Teas are for winding down. Or try late morning or brunch before the crowd sets in.
TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
Greenbelt 5
Resorts World

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