Saturday, June 11, 2016

ToyCon 2016 + Pop Life FanXperience

The ToyCon 2016 + Pop Life FanXperience invades SMX Mall of Asia on June 10-12. Tickets vary, starting from Php500 per day. It's tad higher than previous ToyCons, perhaps because of the added guest artists, which can only be seen via Meet & Greet, with extra charge of course. I opted for the 1-Day Pass and decided to check out the merchandise.
You can buy tickets online or at the venue, or at MoA SM Cinema ticket booth. I got mine here around 12:30PM, there was barely any line.
1-Day Pass stub
ToyCon 2016 + Pop Life FanXperience Rules& Regulations
 Registration for Walk-ins, Online ticket buyers, and for Multi-day passes. Early on, the lines would reach outside SMX. But around 4 or 5PM, it was already clear.
First stop, action figures on display, inside glass boxes, and ample light effects. I am not exactly a toy collector or anime enthusiast (I only watch anime from time to time), but I like Harry Potter (have all the books). So here are some images from the ToyCon with some displays, so you can all have an idea on the price range of items for sale.
Collectible cards, from Php450 or 3 for Php1200
Boxes over boxes of toys for sale, Pop minis start from around Php450
Stuffed toys and action figures
ah! Clothing booth
Some booths include Gremlins, Chucky, and other characters from horror genre
Toy version of our new president Rody Duterte
You can get these for Php295
Pop! mini figures
Pop! minis, Php450 to Php1500. Some are glow in the dark.
Premium items from Php1000 to Php8500 for this lot
Highly* premium toys can go up to Php27,500
Awesome shirts featuring the Doctor
Stuffed toys
Pins, Php60 each
Super cute Totoro items,Php50 each
Php30 for Baymax
Anime contact lenses from Php350 per pair
Your Comic Shop extensive comics collection, from Php40
Kamen Rider masks
Mini items, magnets, earrings, stickers, bag tags, from Php10 to Php100
I really liked this Harry Potter inspired shirts, starts at Php300
Button pins and badges Php35
Fundoshi, LoveLive!
Gaming Library have extensive selection of board games to choose from
Socks, hats, accessories inspired by various anime characters
Filbar's booth. The celebrity signing is available if you paid for the option or if you have VIP, pass I guess. Filbar staff informed us that Signing is located at a separate hall (inside SMX).
Marked down costumes, shirts for sale, from Php500 to Php999
Kill Bill booth, iflix feature. You can have your photo taken with their model.
iflix also brought Arrow, and Flash
GMA 7's Encantadia for autograph signing. I reckon this is open for all at no extra charge, from Saturday to Sunday only.
The other side of the hall has these huge displays
Balloon dog
People fall in line to get their photos taken with the large Iron Man. This is at the entrance to Stan Lee's personal collection.
Concert area
Didn't stick around for the concert, though
Cosplay items, Vogue Royal Cosplay
Empire Clothing
Comics, books
Hats and accessories can go as high as Php1000
Miniature set display
9gagers lol
Comic Odyssey from Php20
Comic Odyssey back issues Php50
Some action figures 50% off
Naruto rings, keys, necklaces, from Php50 - Php180
Anime/Comic-inspired bags, from Php250
Keybie Cafe, keybies Php50 each
Bargain items you can dig into
Socks, around Php100/pair
Toys in trunk, pick your fav
Harley Quinn's Tattoo Parlor booth, free photo op
SMART Telecom's area
Coca Cola thru the years, awesome collection
Music was playing, show was about to start
Only the legs were up by Friday
Roomy hall at the other side
This hall will probably be filled with more displays by the weekend
Artist Alley
Warning Zombies
Creepy but engaging, ha!
Changing Room for Cosplayers
Groot fam
Hmmm.. no idea what this is, but it's somewhere along WTF and weird hehehe... Cool display tho
Paintings from Php3500
Food stalls at the back. Takoyaki, hotdogs, sandwiches, drinks, etc..
My only haul - Slytherin necklace, Php200

SMX Mall of Asia
June 10-12, 2016

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