Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ritz Spa

Ritz Spa is one of the bigger spas in Malate area, very near the Robinsons Mall. First impression, it caters to foreigners and their companions, but they get some local guests like us every now and then. Receiving area is large, design is traditional, but remains functional. They accept credit cards.
Locker Room is separate per gender.
Roomy but old design
Weighing scale was useful, lol.
Theater style foot massage room
There wasn't any other customers when we arrived. But a couple of foreigners came in as we were leaving.
Perhaps you can request the TV channel you prefer, but usually the masseuses pick the show because it's basically for them, and you end up covering your eyes and trying to relax anyway.
Foot soak
Hot tea after the service

  • Price-wise, I remember it's a bit pricey. Around a grand or so for 2 persons.
  • The masseuse was nosy and bit rude, I just stopped talking altogether with her many inquiries. I know she was trying to be friendly, but some questions kinda crossed the line.
  • Overall feel of the place was dull. Sorry, all the materials were constructed properly, but the decor was too China.
1614 Adriatico, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

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