Thursday, June 16, 2016


Buon Giorno! How lovely it is to dine at Italianni's! Located at MoA, facing the ocean, you can even witness the weekend fireworks from here. Quite expensive but everything tastes great. Upon entering, a full-on Italian theme greets guests. The checkered blue or red table covers paired with dark wooden chairs or comfy couch seats allow for a longer stay after meals. *Check out Italianni's breakfast offerings -- here.

The decorations boast of some faux colorful spices, flowers, paintings, and indoor windows like from the prairie. The lights certainly do their magic to paint some classic, Italian cafe, mafia-style.

There are flat screen televisions which is often tuned into sports channels. The waiters are very attentive and they seem to know their menu, which is good.
Staff are usually attentive. Added point for having their own comfort room in this branch.
Each table is provided with their own condiments: salt, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, etc.
Complimentary bread basket

Fresh Fruit Shake: Php140
Fresh Fruit Shake: Php140
 Mussels Lombardi: Php525
 Chicken Milanese: Php495
Top Blade Steak: Php550 (perfect!)
Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet: Php495
Grilled Pepper Fish Fillet: Php625
Tropicale Pizza: Php525
Fish Fillet Cartoccio: Php395
Gamberi Al Aglio: Php295
Herb Roast Chicken: Php525 (spring)
Grilled Pork Chop Au Poivre: Php395 (one-piece)
Fettucine Tartufo e Prosciutto: Php550
  • My favorite was the Top Blade Steak. Obviously because it's the tastiest, cheapest steak you can get. And now it's out of their menu. Sad :(
  • They also changed their vegetable sides. It used to have this heavenly creamy sauce, now it's more of think slices of zucchini and carrots, sauteed in oil. Healthier, but I still liked the old side veg.
  • Fortunately, the Fettucine Tartufo e Prosciutto is still available - also one of my faves.
  • The Fish Cartoccio and Gamberi Al Aglio seems taken out of menu as well.
  • Italianni's menu may have evolved, but I trust that they'll keep whipping gorgeous dishes with delectable flavors. 
Italianni's Restaurant
2/F SM Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 556-0549 

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