Friday, June 10, 2016

Floating Island Restaurant

Floating Island Restaurant is now located on the 2nd Floor of Makati Med's new wing. It used to be on the 3rd floor, with an old interior design, but acceptable nonetheless. This time it's upped its lighting, walls, tables and overall ambiance. They also changed their menu. I missed their 'chicken with broccoli and cashews' dish. There is a cafeteria in the hospital (1st floor, ask the guard) which serves decent food for less than half the price. But Floating Island is like 'casual dining' which makes you really appreciate it, even while in a hospital. I suspect this will be a new trend in hospitals, like how St. Luke's in The Fort is gearing itself. Now there's also Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut in Makati Med.
The place looks cozier and perhaps with the same number of tables. It gets crowded during peak hours: lunch and dinner. But usually you can grab a seat somewhere. They offer Lunch for the Day set meals complete with rice, soup, tea, dessert/fruit. There are often just 2 sets of these per day, written on the blackboard outside, so check it out before entering.
 Bird's Nest with Quail Eggs: Php200
 Chicken Salpicao: Php285
 Vigan Longganisa: Php225
 Grilled Chicken Burger
Beef Salpicao: Php415
Filipino Fried Rice: Php240
Lunch of the Day (grilled fish, rice, soup, tea): Php 225
Grilled Adobo Sandwich: Php170
Chicken Sandwich: Php170
Pot of Tea: Php50
Iced Tea: Php75
Calamares Fritos: Php285
Tuna Sandwich: Php170

Sinigang Soup
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich: Php185

Floating Island Restaurant
2/F Makati Medical Center

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