Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

If you need Wi-Fi with great speed, and a cafe with high safety factor, then Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the perfect spot for you! Make sure to get their Swirl card for Php200 fee. This entitles you to free Wi-Fi access at any Coffee Bean branch. It also accumulates points which you can use to buy food/drinks from the cafe.
This offer is so much better than Starbuck's Php100/hr card, at any branch. Most Coffee Bean branches get crowded around 4pm onwards. As people lug their laptops and use Wi-Fi forever. Make sure to arrive a bit early to get good seats, especially at Robinson's and Greenbelt branches. Often, weeknights are okay with a lot of vacant tables in branches like Greenhills or MoA. But those near universities get full easily.
Aside from coffee, tea, or juices, they have an extensive menu of sandwiches, salad, pasta, and pastries. I've probably sampled most of their dishes from my extensive CBTL visits, due to frequent DSL disconnections at home (thanks PLDT!).

CBTL Jazz Mall. Elec plugs are located at the loft only, one on each end. These are the most coveted seats. Patrons stay for hours here, chilling, skype-ing, downloading, networking.
Eggs Ben: Php295
Eggs Ben & Tea
Roast Beef: Php275
Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli: Php235
Greek Salad: Php175
Chef's Tuna: Php205
 Warm Chocolate Cake: Php145
Hot choco with whipped cream on the side
Spinach & Cheese Ravioli: Php235
Salmon Scramble: Php229
Chipotle Roast chicken: Php199+
Swiss Mocha Latte: Php105+
Break'O'Day set (bagel, sausages, egg): Php229. Break O'Day has a choice between bagel or panini bread, and of turkey ham or chicken sausage. I advise to pick the panini bread, as the bagel may crack your tooth for stiffness. The chicken sausage is the best choice too..

Break'O'Day set

Break'O'Day set
Eggs Ben: Php229
Nutty mix Brownie
 Sugarfree Chocolate Cake

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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