Burgoo is an American Bar and Restaurant. All seats are comfy, but opt for the couch for more privacy. The interiors are classy, tables are topped with a huge white paper mats and servers write their name on it. A stack of crayons are left on the table and guests can doodle all they want on the paper. Quite kid-friendly.
The bright interiors are from outside light. The vibe is a mix of modern casual, plus some hint of grunge? There are surf boards and sports team flags on the wall. Just anything American, I guess.
Caesar Salad (regular): Php325
Ultimate Fajitas (combo): Php695
Spaghetti Bolognese (regular): Php375
Mango Juice: Php145

Country Style Fried Chicken (regular): Php395
Chicken Diane (regular): Php395
Fried Fish with Spinach Cream Sauce

Pot of Tea: Php49
 Grilled Pork Chops (regular): Php395
2 cuts of pork chop, 2 side dishes: potato wedges, corn and carrots
Let me bore you with more variations of the Grilled Pork Chop dish (good for sharing): 2 cuts of pork chop + 2 side dishes. Side dish choices: rice pilaf or potato wedges; corn on the cob or mashed potato, corn salsa, coleslaw.

  • We are not very adventurous eaters in Burgoo, and always order the same Grilled Pork Chops because it's perfect for us in every way- it's good for 2 for only Php395 (regular), with 2 side dishes. And the taste is always juicy, especially with the Garlic Sage sauce!
  • Taste-wise, flavors are never a let down. Always savory.
Burgoo Official Site and Menu
2nd Floor, Mall of Asia
Tel: 02 5560092

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