Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tambobo Bay

Tambobo Bay is a somewhat hidden yacht anchor area, known by quite a few, yet unknown to most. International and local boats sail here and take refuge, especially during strong rains and turbulent waves.
Located at Siaton, an hour drive from Dumaguete. You have to turn left to the coast and find mini port area. There's a newly constructed road which ends near the port.
From the docked fishing boats, you have to walk your way along the shoreline to get deeper into the cove and see the anchored yacht boats.
Damaged or old boats near the shore
Clean waters, vibrant greens, and a mountain which hides it all from mainland. Perfect.
Locals make a bit of money by boating from yacht to yacht, selling food and other products.
Serene and calm
As we progressed into the bay, more and more boats appear to be anchored.
But the best way to see the whole cove is by boating into the bay yourself. It was late afternoon and we had to no time to explore any longer.
We decided to go back to road before the sun sets. Here, numerous fishing boats start to park one by one. Come night time, locals said that the anchored boats lit up and the bay looks magical and beautiful. I believe them.

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