Sunday, May 22, 2016


One of our favorite Filipino themed resto. Each time we visit Manila Memorial Park, it's always straight to Serye afterwards. It has a large, relaxing vibe, with comfy, large chairs to match. No problem with the staff. Everyone is friendly and accommodating. They also offer Free WiFi, with minimum purchase, I think. They have a cafe bar which makes it okay to stay as long as you like with your laptop and, preferably, coffee or tea.

Located at the Santana Grove, it's neighbors with numerous other restaurants, including Icebergs, Tapa King, Yellow Cab, Jollibee, Starbucks, etc..
They also cater, and probably have some scheduled buffet service. Parking is free within Santana Grove, if you can secure one.
Servings are pretty much for sharing. Taste always delivers. They put flavorful twists to familiar Filipino dishes, which makes it interesting.

 Quail Egg Soup bowl: Php150
 Humba (solo): Php250
 BBQ Duo with Java Rice: Php285
 Ampalaya Carne: Php185
Tomato and Red Egg: Php45
Adobo Pan de Sal: Php215
Cream of Kalabasa: Php90
 Iced Tea: Php85

Longganisa with Kesong Puti Pandesal: Php245
Longganisa de Recado Pandesal: Php215

Lapu-lapu Escabeche (100grams): Php415

Santana Grove, Sucat Paranaque
Tel: (02) 825-4691

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