Friday, May 20, 2016


Maisen is the city's newest epitome of Japanese tonkatsu. The hype seemed real as we savoured the extra apple jus in the kurobuta sauce and the crunchier katsu, all with the too-familiar (Yabu-looking) bento set. Maisen is located next to Lorenzo's Way in Greenbelt 3, along the rows of restaurant choices. The stark golden lights against wood and glass are inviting and classic.
The place is very limited, with about 10 tables or less. No need to fret as there's an al fresco/outdoor dining area under the umbrellas and humid air. And smokers. Try to reserve (as you come) and fortunately, there are black metal chairs across for you to wait.
Upon entry, the business of the kitchen is evident. Turn left and you will find your table and some serenity. The interiors will undoubtedly lift you a few notches somewhere within Japan outskirts. Materials are very traditional Jap.
 Try lunch here. Some days, you'll have the place all to yourself.
Condiments per table
Hot towel and house tea (hot)
Kurobuta Loin Katsu Set: Php590
 Katsumabushi Set: Php390
An interesting concept, take-away counter outside featuring pocket sandwiches and boxed sets.
Display case

  • I know this is the traditional bento setting, but I can't get Yabu out of the picture. Granted, the kurobuta sauce had more punch, and the katsu crunch was real. Other than that, the goma for the shredded veg was same. Although I missed Yabu's pickled vegetables mini plate. I loved that.
  • Pricing is at par with similar restos. Service is ok, quite attentive and friendly. 
  • I do love that they serve complimentary hot house tea. Others only serve cold.
  • I did try the pocket katsu sandwich. I thought it was like the super soft and yummy pocket sandwich I tried in Japan, but no, this one is waaay bigger. One bite and the egg yolk will ooze out from under the top layer. It's very filling. Must finish at once while still hot and fresh.
  • Will definitely come back to try other dishes.
G/F Greenbelt 5, Makati
Tel: (02) 239 0390

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