Monday, May 9, 2016

Lugang Cafe

Lugang Cafe in Mall of Asia is a huge restaurant, and gets filled up fast during lunch time, even on weekdays.
The play on lights and reflection is all over the place. The high ceiling and droplights mix well with the shiny white cushions and black tables.
A connecting room presents a tad bit elegant dining area. Round tables and wall couches adorned with white and silver treatments.
Birdcage lighting
Toilet is upstairs (mezzanine). It's modern and clean.
 Lugang Aura branch has the same luxe charm, this time peppered with glass, silver, chrome, and royal blue.
 The Asian touch is still present, albeit very modern.
Menu book. Yes, you'll be reading the dishes' names along with enticing photos. Try not to over-order.
Standard chopsticks and soup spoon
 Yakiniku Beef Set: Php320
Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao: Php248
 Pan Fried Siopao: Php268
Iced Fruit Tea: Php160
Hot and Sour Soup: Php240
Taiwanese Stew Minced Pork: Php260
Tofu with Preserved Egg: Php160
Kumquat Tea (hot): Php130
Sweet and Sour Pork: Php290
Tofu w/ Golden Egg and Pork Floss: Php160
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet: Php380
Three Cup Chicken: Php320
 Watermelon Sago with Coconut Milk: Php150
Buko Lychee: Php130
 Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea (hot): Php140
 Chicken Kung Pao: Php280
 Fish Fillet Tao-So: Php380
 Salt & Pepper Squid: Php290

 Fish Head with Oyster Sauce: Php380
  • Lugang Cafe is not your typical Chinese restaurant. I love the new dishes they introduced us to, like the Tofu with Golden Egg and Kumquat tea. That alone made me come back to Lugang several times over.
  • Staff are very accommodating. We asked for something that can be served real fast, and the waiter suggested the Taiwanese Stew. And we got to calm our starving tummies at once. 
  • Chicken Kung Pao was delightful. You can skip the Fish Head though.
  • Verdict: Will definitely come back again.
G/F SM MoA, 
Tel: (02) 555-0219

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