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IHOP subtly came into town and gained more notoriety as it got crushed during the fight scene from the Man of Steel movie. There is limited dining space at the ground floor. A waiting area is furnished with couches as guests wait for a table. Expect to wait in line during weekend mornings. Getting a table on the ground floor is great of elders, but sometimes a fly or two would sneak in and they sure love 'em pancake syrups. And bacon. And everything on your table.
The big support beams and huge blocks of slanting stairs do not hurt the eyes at all. The white paint makes the whole place bright and clean.
The second floor is a landing floor which has the toilet, and stairs going up the 3rd and down.
Nice light cherry wood accent walls, same neutral framed arts. Beige couches and mahogany chairs. Hidden lighting must be real cozy at night.
A feel-good breakfast joint. Swirling smells of bacon, syrup, coffee fill the air. 3rd Floor dining area extends to the top floor of the next establishment I suppose.
 The IHOP MoA branch faces the ocean and is open for breakfast. It's one of the few which opens early in MoA.
 Anywhere you sit, it's bright and comfy. Staff are on stand by at all times.
The MoA branch has a corner location, facing the Activity area and the sea. There are also some outside tables.
 Hot Chocolate: Php75
 Fried Chicken Dinner: Php595
 2 Pancake Combo (with eggs, hash brown, sausage): Php365
French Toast Combo (with hash brown, eggs, bacon strips): Php255
 Big Steak Omelette (with 2 pancake side dish): Php395
 This Carrot and Chicken Noodle Soup was complimentary because my mom got pissed. IHOP was packed when we arrived, as it was a holiday. We waited as told, and when we got in, my mom requested for the couch seat as it was vacant. But the staff refused even when there were no other guests waiting. And it wasn't reserved. Halfway into the service, new people came and were seated to the couch. My mom was already in a bad mood (mild tantrum). My folks are S-Citizens and love getting comfy on couch seats. She hated everything IHOP from then on, LOL. Anyway, the manager offered this soup for free.
Split Decision Breakfast: Php325
Two triangles of French toast and two buttermilk pancakes served with a hearty combination of two eggs, two crispy bacon strips and two pork sausage links. We chose to have our eggs poached.
Two pancakes included in Split Decision Breakfast. Add Php50 for flavored ones.
Chicken Fajita Omellette: Php325
Made with grilled fajita seasoned chicken breast strips, fresh green peppers and onions with a blend of cheese and salsa. Topped with sour cream.
2 Smoked sausages: Php75
Garlic bread: Php55
Never Empty Coffee Pot: Php95
Freshly-brewed Iced Tea: Php75
Regular Orange Juice: Php125
Fly on the Wall
  • I really enjoyed the food here, sans the flies (there were quite a few)
  • Although their food should not be anyone's model breakfast of choice, every oil-dripping, artery-clogging bite would perk you up and fill your hunger, ready for battle.
  • As for parking, IHOP is in the W building, roadside, but no side-parking. We opted to head on the nearby parking lot and walked to IHOP. I don't know where the W building parking is, or if the entrance is probably just around the corner, or how much the fee is.
  • Service takes a while, as your meal is freshly cooked. But the happy eating vibe extends throughout the resto.
  • As of date, IHOP is open 24/7 so there's no excuse for a massive midnight meal when hunger hits while you sleep.
IHOP Restaurant
W Global Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Tel: (02) 808 9589

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