Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fish & Co

Fish and Co is one seafood chain that will never sink! It's a little pricey, but very much compensated with the fresh seafood and tasty vegetables it offers. Each main course is good for two regular-sized persons. Even the solo serving can be for sharing. The restaurant is designed with friendly interiors. Fishing and boating paraphernalia hang from the wall, sides, or top beams. Nets, pails, rows, and hooks all coincide with the bluish walls and yellow accents.
The blue seats are cushioned, paired with wooden tables and single chairs. There are flat screen televisions on the wall. Usually they're on channels Disney and Nickelodeon.
A visit to Fish and Co is always a treat. They also have desserts, and other meat options. One can never go wrong with eating healthy seafood, paired with vegetables and rice.

 Baked Fish in Mediterranean Salsa: Php445

Fish and Peri Chicken Platter: Php995
Solo serving Salmon: Php350+
Prawn Fritters: Php395
Mashed Potato
The Best Fish & Chips in Town! (solo): Php205
Rustic Fresh Fruit Salad: Php200+

  • I shall say that the type of food they bring about will never run out of style. It's delicious, very satisfying, and the flavors are rich. 
  • Starting with the tray of dips included with every entree, one can experiment the perfect sauce for your palette.
  • One of my go-to restos when there's nothing new.
Fish and Co.
G/F SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Drive
Tel: (02) 556-0683

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