Thursday, May 26, 2016

California Pizza Kitchen

CPK or California Pizza Kitchen has a very warm dining area. They offer the same roomy seats, huge and plump couches, and classy interiors. The country club feel is family-friendly, with wall-mounted TVs always tuned into Disney or Nickelodeon.

Each table has reserved plates on the side, with giant utensils wrapped in napkins. Servers are very accommodating, friendly, and not intimidating.
A bit of alcohol won't hurt. The best thing about CPK is their food! I love how they try to incorporate strips of vegetables into their dishes and some contrasting dips to hot meals.
Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumpling: Php195
Dalandan Juice: Php175
Tortilla Spring Roll, 2 types: Php255 
Sedona Tortilla Cup Soup: Php145 (yummy!)
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Sandwich with salad: Php295
side salad (in separate plate)
Tuna Sandwich with salad: Php390
Tazo Teamonades: Php150
Roasted Pumpkin: Php225
The Hawaiian Pizza (personal): Php275

 Quesadillas: Php195
 Tri-dip Platter with Corn Tortilla Chips: Php195
 Spaghetti Carbonara (personal): Php350
 Red Velvet Cookie Sundae: Php125
Cranberry Walnut Chicken (half). I requested the other half for take-away upon ordering, and they served the sandwich like this. Awesome!
Mango Tandoori Pizza: P345
Spinach Salad (half): Php225
Kids' Crispy Chicken (with fries): Php325
  • We love CPK, especially the Cranberry Walnut Sandwich and the Egg Rolls. Sadly, some these favourites were taken off the new menu :(
  • The Rockwell branch is always nice, but the MoA branch can be a bit dull. We've visited a few times there and somehow, flies always make it inside hovering over tables. And one time, a LOT of dishes were not available, like about half the menu!
  • This is one of my comfort restos, surely I'll be back.

California Pizza Kitchen
2/F Archaeology, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Tel: (632)8953447 / (632)8955250

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