Saturday, May 21, 2016

Marina: Oysters, Seafood, Grill

Marina is an old favorite for seafood fiesta. They serve delicious dishes and have an extensive menu with some items not available in other restaurants. There's no uniform design for their branches. The MoA branch is more colorful. There's a stage right outside which has live band playing each night. It gets real loud but still tolerable.
Their signature orange paper mats in place. Each table gets a bottle of spiced vinegar , soy sauce, tissue box, etc.
Other Marina branches have the more prominent orange theme.
Service is ok. Sometimes they provide candles when there are mosquitoes or flies around.
Simple table setting
 Complimentary kropek
 This was given to us free (Marina Kalayaan branch, now closed)
 Grilled Squid: Php115 per 100grams
Kinilaw Isda: Php266
Crispy Crablets: Php185
Sinigang Hipon: Php255
Free Oyster *worth Php385
(Only because it happened to be one of their anniversaries at the time. Each table gets complimentary bucket..)
Sinigang na Baboy sa Batuan: Php230
Lumpiang Sariwa: Php120
Tuna Sisig: Php245
Lato Salad: Php130
Kansi (Nilagang Baka): Php350
Baked Scallops: Php379

Turon: Php139
Grilled Fish

Grilled Tuna Belly: Php399

Tortang talong
Crabs/Alimango: Php180 per 100grams

  • Marina revised their Menu and some items here are not available anymore, including the Crispy Crablets, Tortang Talong, Ampalaya, and my favorite Lato :(
  • This used to be my go-to place if I want Lato. Fortunately, there's Lato Salad in Blackbeard's Seafood Island.
  • Price is on the higher side, especially for items per grams.
  • Taste-wise, food are delicious and filling.
Seaside, Mall of Asia
02 5560718

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