Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lake Balinsasayao

Lake Balinsasayao is part of the Twin Lakes Natural Park located in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. The road is steep and narrow, often close to a cliff, but concreted. The lush greens will make you smile, and the smell of fresh air and breeze is refreshing. The ride is quite long because of the turns and elevation.
Usual scene on the way to Twin Lakes. As you ascend, there will be several houses, an overlooking restaurant, but buildings will slowly turn scarce and replaced with mountainous walls and trees.
After a gate of sort, you will see Lake Kabalin-An. a welcoming hut has a staff who will answer all your queries, and inform you that the Twin Lakes is still further ahead. Just about 3 minutes motor ride. You have to Register here on their Guest List, and pay the fee if you want to explore Lake Kabalin-An.
Tourist Map
Since it's too hot, our older companions stayed inside the hut while some of us took to the lake. The stillness and clarity of the lake was mesmerizing.
Super tranquil and serene
Picnic tables by the lake
After a few minutes by motorcycle, we reached to gates of Twin Lakes. A native 2-storey hut overlooks the lake, serves drinks and some food, has equipment rentals for lake kayaking or swimming.
According to staff, the Twin Lakes can't be seen from the hut. You can kayak and boat, but have to cross some patch to reach the other lake (Lake Danao).
The hut extends to a lush outdoor garden, with manicured plants, some figurines, and seats.
View from the hut overlooking ledge.

  • There were some dirt roads, with protruding large rocks. We used an old mini van but it held on and was able to drive up without any of us leaving the van. Get a really good driver for this trip.
  • We came here as a side trip, without any plans for water activities. I would say, give it a whole day to indulge yourself with the beauty of the lakes, experience the waters and soul-clearing calmness.
  • From Dumaguete, it's about 20-minute ride to Lake Balinsasayao marker/intersection in Sibulan, and about 13KM more to the lakes.
  • If you're commuting, take the bus from Dumaguete to the Sibulan marker. There are habal-habals which can take you to the lakes, about 30-40 minute ride up. Haggle if you must. Roundtrip could cost from Php250 - Php450, depending on waiting time.
Lake Balinsasayao
Sibulan, Negros Oriental

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