Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is the posh foodcourt of Century City Mall. Definitely designed to look nothing like your standard food hall, the wood on concrete plus metal treatment, paired with blacks and neutrals subtly screams urban, hip, and high-end. And patrons easily match the place. Expect a more regarded crowd, local and foreigners alike.
There are many other restaurants in the mall, but Hole in the Wall offers an open, casual ambiance perfect for families, friends, and even elders. Smokers have their own tables outside.
The place also comes with a waiter/staff. As soon as you settle on your table, waiters come bearing water glasses. They can also assist you with your orders, extra cutlery, and take-away doggy bags.
Be wary of the pricelist on each restaurant's menus. It's not as is. There is always a service charge added, depending on the amount you order. It can be Php18 or Php30+ or more. Probably for the wait staff. I did ask on cashier why they don't just incorporate this to the Menu prices. But I guess the computation is per total bill, not per item.
An upper floor (mezzanine) has more seating area.
The most popular joint in Hole in the Wall, without a doubt, is Bad Bird. I did went through a phase of constantly thinking about their chicken and visiting the mall just to eat one. Hmmm.. glad I'm through with that 'cause then I got to explore other options.
Bad Bird is all red, black, and aluminum. You can pretty much taste the succulent umami flavors just by looking at it. Add some intense sides like coleslaw, rice, or waffles- it's a guaranteed happy chow.
 Waffle Plate: Php305 + Php18.3 SC = Php323
Gravy: Php15
You can pick your chicken's spice level from regular to spicy to uber hot. They use sweet potato for their waffles, which is healthier.
 Kimchi Coleslaw: Php80
The aluminum tray with newspaper mats give off an upcycled urban vibe.
Garde Manger specializes in salads. You will get a full tummy with their special flavors and unique salad toppings.
A big bowl of salad is good to share.
 Sisig Rillet Salad: Php315 + Php18.9 SC = Php332
Scout's Honor is another gem. It's gaining popularity because of their innovative, craft cookies. I don't have sweet tooth so I just bought some for my mom.
Scout's Honor price list
Freshly baked
My mom loved their Thin Mints cookie!
Mister Delicious is a flavor mecca. I love their Reuben Sandwich, with its perfect side of sweet potato chips, and pickled sides.
The aluminum, wood, black, kraft mix of colors and decor drive this whole place.
I had the Reuben Sandwich split in half (shared with my mom).
Just one request: More sauerkraut please! Although you can add more for extra Php60, I guess.
 Classic Reuben Sandwich: Php450 + Php27 SC = Php477
 The Beef is a bold, no-frills, no-shit joint. It's a direct representation of 'the beef' in its juicy deliciousness.
 Limited Menu shows focus in perfecting their burgers. And they are perfect!
 Condiments are optional. All the taste you need is within your plate.
 I had mine cut in half (half to dine, half to go), because I can never finish it all off alone. Crunchy fries, yummy pickles add punch to the heat of meat, and softness of buns. Side tartar dip of sort for some cooling effect. Satisfying meal!
Across Hole in the Wall is the outdoor sky park of Century City Mall. I found this newly opened cafe. My mom wanted coffee (had to be decaf or brewed), so I scoured elsewhere.
Nice place. Still empty at the time. They offer organic coffee and pastries.
High ceiling, long tables, cozy space.
Caffe Mocha (with less shot), priced around Php100, more or less.

4F Century City Mall Makati
Tel: (02) 801 1230  /  0917 580 2558
Sun-Thu 11AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-12MdN

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