Cafe in the Sky

Cafe in the Sky is like dining among the clouds, overlooking lush greens, basking in a cool weather. Coming from the low lands, before entering Baguio City proper, you will turn right on Santo Tomas Road when you see Petron Station (on the left) with 2 splitting roads on the opposite side. Expect a steep, bit narrow, uphill road. And it's 2-way so mind the curves.
Past the residential part, the road will widen a bit as you ascend. It was ultra foggy when we visited and cars had their headlights on.
There was a toll fee of some sort, supported by local authorities.
Parking fresh
Nice exterior, very modern, clean and subtly urban. Manicured mini gardens on the property.
Outdoor dining was just too windy for us. Other did enjoy their lunch here.
There were some rooms available for overnight rental, next to the owner's house. Confirm with the staff if interested.
Winding road. The fog comes and goes.
Inside, the log-cabin looks still lingers, although more stylish and defined.
Mind the flies as they soar high and love the cold.
Rustic wooden chairs perfectly positioned by the fireplace.
Cafe in the Sky Menu
Cafe in the Sky Menu
Pork Lomi Soup: Php130
Chicken Sandwich: Php140
Sky Rice: Php140
Fried Chicken Rice: Php120
Flies by the window. They love the tables and plates too. Doors are eternally open so the flies freely come in.

  • People definitely come for location, I would say that. We had lunch there and food served its purpose. We had fun taking photos and chilling with the weather.
  • Recommended? Yes, come to experience the place and chow a little.

Pob.Kabuyao,Baguio City

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