Friday, March 25, 2016

Alona Beach

The famous Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol boasts of sandy beach, and Bora-like vibe. Rows of restaurants, stores, service spas, and hotels line the coast. More commercial establishments stretch into numerous mini side streets, and prices go cheaper as you go further away from the shores.
Coconut trees provide shade and cooler breeze. Tables and chairs are positioned next to tree trunks, while festive lighting hang from the branches to provide lights come night time.
Tour boats, mostly rentals, are docked near the shores, just after the shallow parts of the water.
Umbrella beaches provided by restaurants. You have a lot of food choices including fresh seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, in all various cuisines.
Fruit shakes
Tuna sandwich
Fresh crabs (cook to order)

  • We decided to stay at Bolod Beach Resort in Dumaluan Beach, about 15-minute motorbike ride from Alona Beach, mainly because it's cheaper, and there were far less people, less trash, less docked boats, and cleaner sea.
  • Still, Alona Beach is where the action is. If you like living large and exploring drinks, food, bars, music, dances, and meeting new fellows, then best to stay close to Alona. Just enjoy the crowd, noise, and have fun.
  • Prices of the food we ordered were at par with Boracay, or casual restaurants in Makati/Manila. Fruit shakes about Php80, sandwich and salad were both Php100+ (not more than Php200). Expect seafood to cost more, as cooking fee is included.

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