Monday, February 1, 2016


Kyochon is the healthy Korean alternative, as if Korean cuisine is not healthier already. This beautiful restaurant appears precise, tested, and charming. The seemingly busy interiors surprisingly blend well even with the stoned accent walls, wooden, bare cement, and half-wired walls. The tiny space did not seem confusing at all.
Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho's lifesize cardboard photo entices patrons to try Kyochon.
One portion is lined with uniform tables and chairs next to black wired wall, with hanging photos of stunning kitchen/cooking items.
Flat screen TV features Korean videos
Opposite wall has a long black couch with plump throw pillows and wooden backwall.
Lee Min Ho stars on the Kyochon's paper mat.
 Galbi Chicken Steak with Rice: Php280
Green Tea: Php70
Green Salad with Grilled Chicken: Php160
Wedge Potato: Php150
Original 5pc Middle Wing: Php149
Honey 5pc Middle Wing: Php149
Hotteok: Php100
Hot Barley Tea: Php70
Hot Green Tea: Php70

  • Love their hot barley tea, if only staff would allow it. It was earthy, tasty, just perfect! We got to try it on our first visit, but when we came back, staff told us they only serve cold barley tea. Too sad :(
  •  My mum said Kyochon is one of her faves now lol! She used to only like Filipino restaurants. 
  • Salad was great, especially the generous serving of their vinaigrette (on a separate mini glass).
  • Chicken were tasty as well, somewhat similar to Bonchon and Four Fingers. I knoda like Kyochon because the size is more manageable so the flavors go through all chicken portions.
Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing
Robinsons Mall, Malate
Tel: (02) 714-3333

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