Monday, February 29, 2016

Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol

Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol in one of the must-see spots of the island. Better to come morning or around noon time to see the beautiful reflection of the clear water, and the lights shooting from outside, passing thru the cave ceiling. Upon entering Panglao Island, take a right to the Hontanosas Road or Panglao Circumferential Road (same). It's a long concrete road expanding to a quite wide one. Brace for a windy ride if you're taking a motorcycle (and helmet pls). There will be signs leading to Hinagdanan Cave when you get near the turn. You'll be turning to a street which leads to the cave.
We rented a motorcycle for this trip. Parking was free (I think, since we didn't pay any). We did pay the entrance fee of Php50 per person. Stalls of souvenir shops and snacks are located at the cave entry. There were shirts, bags, keychains, etc. Prices were bit lower than in Alona Beach.
Give your stubs to the nice lady manning the entrance.
Concrete stairs were made for convenience.
Rules and guidelines within the cave.
Bit steep entry, but totally fascinating as you descend. The temperature may drop as well, as it's quite cool and a bit dewy inside.
My old camera did not do this place justice. Stunningly huge inside, with high ceiling filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Several safety railing were added for visitors.
Natural light coming in, as well as some nesting birds and bats.
Greenish clear waters
You can explore the cave alone or get a local tour guide. A lot of foreigners fall for this, or perhaps this was just one stop of their tour. The guide will point to different rock formations which look like objects or personalities (trust me, they're there).
Swimming is possible with additional charge of around Php100/person.
Bats on rocks
I'm not sure if you can still explore further or around the bend, but some had certainly done it (without guide).
Artificial lights were also brought in for better viewing.
Highly recommended. If you're not dipping into the water, it will not take you an hour to appreciate this gem.

Hinagdanan Cave
Panglao Island, Dauis, Bohol

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