Monday, December 21, 2015

Pasig River Ferry

The revamped Pasig River Ferry has had a bit of a demotion from its previous air-conditioned ferry facilities, which used to be similar to 2Go ferries. Now it appears to be a makeshift bus welded on a boat. It runs smoothly, as there's no traffic, with blowing natural air, and interesting scenery.
Fee is Php50 from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico, ride was about an hour.
From the Guadalupe Ferry Terminal, passengers wait for the next schedule. Waiting area was clean, a wall tv is propped up, ticket counter was very visible at the center. There were no food stalls at the moment so bring your own chow before heading here.
Boarding area was orderly and well built.
Pasig River Bus Ferry might not look too high-end, but sure functions well and serves its purpose. Exterior was painted a solid blue and white.
Scenes from ferry ride. Water was green and looking toxic, smell was manageable- nothing too horrid. No floating garbage of sort, which we all approve.
From the river, you will see Manila's skyline with clear, panoramic shot.
Public reminders for passengers
Inside the bus ferry fits about 2 persons per side.
You will pass other river boat communities. People ride these boats everyday to cross, instead of taking jeepneys which drive a longer route.
A lot of parked/anchored ships, boats, abandoned floating devices can be seen.
Several floating plants being carried by the current. Am not sure if the river gets big waves when it rains but best to ride when its sunny. I bet the window covers will be drawn if there's rain.
Several factories and plants near the river, hopefully filtering their wastes before dumping anything on the river.
More ongoing or halted construction
Hulo Ferry Station. Hulo is no longer part of the ferry route so we skipped stopping here.
Sta. Ana Ferry Station is still active.
PUP Ferry Station
Other ferry boats passing
Escolta Ferry Station
Passing under Jones Bridge
The Philippine Post Office looks grand from the rivers. It needs a bit of a touch up on some areas though.
Everyone can appreciate the old, historical buildings from downtown Manila. Chinatown is just around the bend, and government buildings stand out with their Neo-Classical style.
Getting off Plaza Mexico in Intramuros. This is the last stop. The ferry goes back in forth several times a day, and last departure could be as early as 3PM.
New buildings start to occupy the waterfront strip near Binondo. Very nice. We love progress. FYI, getting off at Escolta Station would mean walking the quite long river strip if you want to reach Sta. Cruz or Quiapo. They were several homeless families and kids wandering around, selling random items. But the whole strip was concrete and somewhat clean, so it's ok.
Exit from Plaza Mexico Station was well made, with roof and brick road. Outside, jeepney routes going to pier pass, or you can just walk straight to Intramuros, Manila Cathedral, Anda Circle, or Pier 4.

  • According to MMDA's Pasig River Ferry Page, first trip leaves 6AM, last ride is 4:15PM.
  • Passing by MalacaƱang Palace, passengers are not allowed to take photos or videos. Boat officials will watch you like a hawk. The ferry slows down as you pass the palace, for security reasons. Take this time to appreciate the white palace walls and still beautiful structure. It needs a bit of polishing and perhaps better paint and gardening, but looks lovely nonetheless.

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