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K's House Tokyo Oasis is the other K's Guesthouse in Taito, Tokyo. The other one is in Kuramae. My pal arranged our itinerary for the Tokyo trip, including our accommodations. We arrived in the afternoon, took a shuttle bus from the airport to the city. Then rode the train via Asakusa line to Asakusa Station. From there, we lugged our baggage on the streets (about 3-5mins walk) and happily arrived at K's Guesthouse.
It's located in a lovely side street. Quiet, charming, semi-residential, and clean! As all of Japan is, I assume. Very organized, beautiful, warm. Somehow they manage to transform each nook and cranny to a functional, pretty space.
Upon entry to the Guesthouse, a space for your shoes and jackets. Just take a cube for your footwear, or if each one's taken, line them next to others on the floor. Take a slipper from the 'Slippers' drawer or just tread on your socks.
Inside the receiving area is the front desk peppered with tourist maps and itineraries, interesting spots you can visit. The lounge area is also here. There's tv, wifi, seating area all around.
This 2 PCs allow internet access for free to house guests (limited time).
A small but very convenient elevator seamlessly fits in the interior decor.
The kitchen-dining common area features a 4-seater table. Microwave oven is provided.
A sleek fridge is open to use for all if you need to store fresh/take-away food.
Mini galley kitchen has all cooking items you could need. Guests can cook and eat here. Plates and utensils are free to use as well. Just make sure to wash them afterwards.
This souvenir wall from past visitors fill the space with photos and mementos. A coffee/tea facility is also available.
Corridors leading to rooms have carpeted floors and nice neutral colors.
The top floor can only be accessed thru stairs.
Laundry area
Common toilet at top floor. This one's geared for battle. Push button heater, flush, bidet, etc.
The balcony on the top floor has limited hours.
This Family Room for 3 goes for JPY 4500 per person. That's around Php 1725+ per head.
It has heater (winter), aircon (summer), some hooks for clothes, TV, very plush comforters and pillows, WiFi. I love the modern oriental decor. Eventhough the windows open to nothing, the details work well.
Extra mattress by the floor. Towels are provided per person.
Awesome mini bathroom included with the room. The toilet, sink, and tub/shower are almost 1 big entity. Lovely smelling bamboo-ish shower gels and shampoo.
Shower area includes hot water. We had no problems with the size as we're all small-medium built. Still would be roomy enough for large/tall people, I guess.
Extra toilet paper roll
Triple Room costs JPY 4100 or Php 1570+ per person. It has a double deck and single bed.
Single bed next to the desk.
TV, hair dryer, tissues are all provided. WiFi signal is good inside the rooms.
En-suite bathroom
The bathroom is similar with the other room, albeit a bit more roomy.

  • Location-wise, you can't beat K's House spot. It's in a quiet street, but walking distance to Life Supermarket (OMG the mini food bentos were awesome), Asakusa Station (from there, you can explore Tokyo swiftly), Asakusa Temple or Sensō-ji (tourist spot with rows of souvenir shops).
  • The Ueno Zoo is also a few bus stops away, as well as the Tokyo Tower.
  • Staff were uber friendly and speaks English very well. They were super thorough with cleaning each room after a guest leaves and requires several hours of dusting, sweeping, changing beddings, and even rinsing the aircon filters.
  • They also have a phone machine which utilizes pre-paid cards you use to call abroad. They also sell call cards! In Japan, you can't get a pre-paid sim as a tourist, unlike in other countries. But fortunately, there are call cards!
  • All thumbs up for K's House!

14-10, Asakusa 2-Chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan 111-0032

Tel: +81-3-3844-4447 (from overseas) / 03-3844-4447 (from Japan)

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  1. There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to these comfy venues in Atlanta recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.


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