Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CDP: The Global Table Restaurant

We decided to try the much gushed about French resto at Rockwell. CDP, which stands for Chef du Partie, has a very French vibe. Beautiful details mixed with black borders, wooden floors, and decorated ceiling.
We were lucky to have come at leisurely hours with no lines outside or full tables on end.
Lovely ceiling decor certainly elevates the interiors to a museum-like piece. While spotlights break the shadows of diners.
Hot Tea: Php145
Complimentary bread plate
French Onion Soup: Php275
Maddie's Chicken: Php425
Rice plate

  • The chicken was ok, sauce is good, combination produced no fireworks. 
  • French onion soup was good, as should be.
  • We loved CDP from end to end, but not so much the food. Servers were polite and nice. They gave us a hefty discount for senior (yey). But maybe the hype had me expecting too much. I would definitely go back to try other dishes.
R1 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati 
Tel: (02) 556-4454


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