The Ruins, Bacolod

The Ruins in Bacolod is one majestic structure. Not quite grand, as it's only the remains of a once expansive building. Still, what's left standing keeps everyone in awe and manages to transport visitors to an older time and culture rich era.
From city center, hail a jeepney bound to Libertad, and please ask drivers around to confirm. Most drivers know the way. Get off under a flyover (Pepsi plant is nearby), and ride a tricycle from the terminal (intersection). I think I paid around Php60-Php80 for one way. It will be one windy ride, past open fields and coconut trees, before the road shrinks to a smaller path.
Entrance is Php95 per person (adult). There are parking slots available. The Ruins is open around 9AM to 8PM.
You'd be lucky to get a minute with this fountain alone. Perfect for photo ops, the fountain is never isolated with people posing left, right, and sideways.
The grounds have landscaped grass, very nice and calming. Some people actually brought blankets and have picnics.
The main entry presents intricate detailing. The concrete walls and tiled floors scream Spanish extravagance from its time. It was built by a sugar baron, afterall.
Tall ceilings, well bordered with pretty plants and vines. A pop of flowers surround the verandas and corridors.
Inside is a bit barren, with preserved columns lining one side, a garden on the other, and the gift shop. They sell t-shirts, keychains, magnets, fans, a lot of souvenir items.
This carriage fits the corner. Seems sturdy as some people sneak to sit inside for photos.
It remains very well lit inside because of the semi-transparent ceiling. The stairs go nowhere, by the way.
Overlooking the side lawn, you can see the restaurant which serves Italian dishes.
Glad to have a moment to myself with this beautiful corridor.
Items for sale inside The Ruins Gift Shop
Toilets for male and female
View from the restaurant. And what a view! The long stretch is a happy place. From the Ruins to the gardens, including the high energy of visitors.
The Ruins Restaurant Menu
The Ruins Restaurant Menu
The Ruins Restaurant Menu
The Ruins Restaurant Menu
Carbonara Pasta: Php200
It was good for sharing, so I had mine 'to go' afterwards.
Perfect for a lovely day outdoors with family, or friends, or by yourself.

  • Going back, there will be tricycles lined outside The Ruins gates. You can share a ride with fellow tourists and pay around Php30 each.
  • The pasta was ok, and staff was friendly. They don't go around taking orders though, just go to the counter and ask away.
  • It's definitely a must to visit The Ruins. You can spare 2-3 hours here, including transport, and an hour or so of lounging.

The Ruins
Talisay, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental

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