Murray's New Orleans

This is an update entry to Murray's New Orleans. In Resort's World, it's now The Italian Market by Murray's New Orleans. The MoA branch is now closed so the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig branch remains, which is subtitled Jazz Kitchen. Murray's is one of those restaurants which can really transport you to another place. The ambiance and surroundings are built to have an impressive visual effect. You'd feel like you just escaped Mardi Gras, suddenly exploring Cajun street food and Creole delights. 
A bar is stationed at the entrance, along with a few tables facing the fountain. The interiors paint the streets of New Orleans, with windows and verandas on cobbled walls and deep blue ceiling.
Wine racks are stashed on sides, and column piles resemble the common Southern aisle/pedestrian walkway in New Orleans. Food is expectedly delicious and rich. Servings are generally good for two. Price is, of course, high; but well worth everything from the dishes, the service, and the experience.

Now closed Mall of Asia branch. Great interiors though.
Complimentary Bread
Classic Iced Tea: Php135
Baked Seabass: Php695
Mashed Potato: Php65
Garlic bread
Hot tea
 Caesar Salad: Php295
Steak - not on the menu anymore. This one was priced much lower at about Php600+ only.

Bonifacio Street, Building 5, Taguig city
Tel: +63 (2) 8564326

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