Tamaraw Beach Resort

Tamaraw Beach Resort is a nice coastal hotel in Puerto Galera. It is actually located near the White Beach (perhaps 15-min tricycle ride). We absolutely loved the fact that it has its own stretch of beach, far from the noise and hullabaloo of White Beach's crowd, shops, and heavy sports activities. Built like a complex with everything in it, Tamaraw Resort has a pool, grilling area, spa, restaurant, diving/water sports gears, sari-sari store, free port pickup/drop off, and room service.  
The rooms face the pool and ocean, providing a lovely scenery at every turn from the balcony corridors.
The hotel foyer entry is grand, with sweeping spiral stairs basking in natural sun rays. There are carved wooden benches and chairs, paired with tables and potted plants.
The concierge/reception area is a few steps up. This also leads to the kitchen, utility rooms, and out to the restaurant veranda, and the hotel rooms.
A large door leads to the restaurant where guests can dine with huge trees bordering the area. Breakfast is often plated, but beverage is unlimited, presented on a buffet table inside. Sometimes they serve buffet breakfast, depending on the number of guests maybe.
Free Shuttle Schedule to the port. Extra charge for further stops.
Tamaraw Beach Resort Spa massage rates
Water Sports Activities rates
Come night time, the foyer commands elegance and class.
This beautifully crafted door is backed with slate stones and greenery.
A myriad of gardens and pathways lead to different areas of the hotel. I reckon one of these leads to the staffhouse. Some staff live in the compound and are available to assist guests 24/7.
The first 2-floors are rented as a unit. Large families stay here. I think it's similar to an apartment layout. 3rd floors and up have the standard hotel rooms.
The mini balconies at the 3rd floor. Each rooms has its own table and chairs. Quite functional as we had our dinners and snacks here.
Awesome view from the balcony, Very cool and breathtaking. Makes you want to smile.
Superior Room: Php1500+ per night with set breakfast
The room was blue, but huge and can accommodate up to 4 persons. There's cabled TV, fridge, aircon, vanity, and toiletries, plus a towel per person.
Bathroom was roomy. There's a bidet yey! A comfortable counter with good water supply. Water heater works well. Although the floor was just slightly sloped, there was no separator from the bath area to the toilet, only curtain.
Shower with pail and dipper provided.
View from our bedroom. There are thick curtains for privacy.
The edge and encompassing part of the pool is the party/events area.
The open restaurant gets busy during meal hours. Pick your table immediately as there's only a handful of them. You can always opt to take it from your room or balcony. Room service requires extra. I forgot how much, perhaps about Php40 per delivery.
Complimentary breakfast: Tocino meal with rice, egg, and refillable juice/coffee.
Beef Steak with cucumber salad and rice: Php250
Pork BBQ with fried rice and pickled papaya: Php200
Beef Curry with garlic rice and tomato and onion salad: Php250
Tamaraw Beach Resort Menu
Tamaraw Beach Resort Spa
The spa is located near the beach. A small hut facility has 2 common rooms with several beds. Very organic and traditional earthy vibe.
Receiving area is charming, with few chairs for waiting. Deal with the front desk for your service of choice, and you'll be surprised that the same person is the masseuse. Well, maybe not always.
Tip Box :) Service was good, although a bit too short. I tried the 30-minute Foot Massage for Php300. My cousin had the 30-minute Back Massage for Php300. I believe my massage was 8-minutes short. Anyway...
This gorgeous beach is still Tamaraw Resort's property. Volleyball net for whoever wants to play.I don't know if there's a fee for using it.
Beach huts and other lounging chairs face the sea
Underwater view just a few steps from Tawaraw Beach. This alone is so worth staying here. After the beach hopping and island tours, spend your downtime snorkeling some more. This time, you're conveniently close to your room, and it's free anytime.
Mind the sea urchins. There's not a lot of them so don't fret. We did see many fish varieties. It's quite interesting to find them this close to the shores. I rented a snorkeling gear with goggles at the hotel's diving center for about Php150 (unlimited hours).

  • When we arrived at the Muelle port, we called the hotel for their free pickup. They came after about 20mins. We appreciate that eventhough we were the only guests, they took time to get us. The ride was almost 30-mins. It could've costed us Php100 or more if we hired a tricycle.
  • Each morning you are presented with a short breakfast menu as you arrive at the resto. Be sure to order ASAP. Somehow serving time takes a toll. We almost missed the free Shuttle ride as it took almost an hour for our breakfast to be served.
  • Food prices are a bit high, serving size can be shared (just add extra rice), but the taste evens out the rate. Each meal we had was flavored, cooked well, and yummy!
  • There's a complimentary filtered water dispenser placed by the stairs. It's free for all.
  • You can request for more towels after using the first ones, or ask for an extra toilet paper roll. No charge.
  • Across the front of the hotel, there's a tricycle terminal.
  • For location, service, price, and all the perks - Tamaraw Beach Resort comes highly recommended!

Aninuan, Puerto Galera
Tel: +639212795161 / +63275975588 / +639175048679

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