Sunday, May 29, 2016

Paul Boulangerie

I've been itching for something french lately and decided to fake France and try Paul at SM Aura. Located at the ground floor of Aura, facing the drop-off area on one side, and the lovely mall on the other, it's got it claws on a perfect spot. Ambiance was certainly french. The dimmer lights, wooden fixtures and proven├žal decor.
It wasn't too crowded when we got there.The fresh pastry display was colorful and shiny and looks to delish (and expensive, ha!)
Waiters don the traditional black apron and were quite accommodating upon each call.
We wanted to try all of these but happened to be too full from what we ordered. Next time.
Most of these were gone before we left. I was gonna go for the strawberry tart but they're out already.
Price was decent, considering their market. Quantity size is in-between solo to sharing per plate.
Paul French Bakery Restaurant Menu
Hot Mint Tea: Php105
Creme Brulee: Php170
Pumpkin Soup: Php110
Tartine Boeuf: Php300
 Cafe Surprise: Php320
Coffee with mini creme brulee, 1/2 chocolate cake slice, 2 mini macaroons
 Cappuccino: Php135
Tuna Sandwich: Php250

  • Tartine boeuf was tasty. I love that they paired it with salad. Although with the crunch and heat, I could use more salad to buffer.  
  • Pumpkin soup with good. Not too dense nor watery. 
  • The brulee didn't crack and the caramelized top didn't cover the whole top. It was supposed to slice through the creaminess of the custard with each bite. So we ended up gobbling up rich custard all throughout. The small portion of burnt caramel we got was perfectly made. It's a shame they didn't torch it properly.
  • Verdict: Might come back again.
Paul Boulangerie

SM Aura Premier ,Taguig
Tel: (02) 808 5324

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