Le Petit Souffle

Le Petit Souffle has brought the fancy fusion of French and Japanese cuisines to Philippine shores. The wildly romantic interiors, oozing with cozy corners and charming courtyard tree vines transport guests somewhere between french countryside and japanese minimalist.
From outside, the clean lines with colored wood treatments were highlighted by the sleek black borders and glass windows.
Lights and louvers create the homey feel, with a long plush couch by the wall.
Bringing the outdoors in with rolling pin-bearing trees peering down comfy chairs and tables.
Upon entry, these enchanting view welcomes guests, easily putting everyone to uplifting moods.
 Wall of windows adds whimsy to the place
 Your heart will smile at the calmness and serenity of Le Petit Souffle
Very garden-inspired approach for the utensils and napkins.
Japanese Curry Squash Soup: Php195
Hand Dripped Brewed Coffee: Php100
Squid Ink Rice: Php 395
Pancake Cream Cheese: Php200
 Hot Mocha: Php100
 Just Toast: Php150
Tea Latte: Php100
 Truffled Hamburg Meatball Spaghetti: Php550
This bread came with the pasta. It's hard as rock lol. Make sure to use your hands (not fork/knife) to bite the chunk out of it.

  • We loved the Squid Ink Rice. Although it looks small in quantity, it's packed with rich flavors and can actually be for-sharing. The layers of egg, seafood, and yummy rice was well worth every cent.
  • The Japanese Curry Squash Soup was certainly a solo dish. It was tasty enough, although some ingredients does not exactly marry well with the soup, like the hazelnut. But it was a great addition for texture.
  • The Pancake Cream Cheese was the only let down. Too sweet. Nothing crunchy or tart to counteract each bite.
Le Petit Souffle
Third Floor, Century City Mall, Makati
Tel: (02) 718 5681

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