D'Interior Spa

We found D'Interior Spa at Dumaguete City along a residential/commercial road. It was a multi-slash space, servicing a salon, spa, and boutique. The place looked nice (the spa part), some accent lights, cushy chairs. Upstairs lead to massage rooms.
From outside, the name D'Interior Spa can be seen, with a boutique window and entry door.
This lovely area caters to the spa, the right side (next room) leads to the boutique/salon of some sort. The staff were congregated here watching tv, chit-chatting, eating, just plain chilling.
Unfortunately, we were led to the boutique area where there were 2 lounge chairs that double as Foot Massage/Pedicure chairs. All the rooms on the 2nd floor for massages were full, according to one staff.
We came face to face to their 'chill' area. The tv was loud, and the staff shrieked as the telenovela scenes get ridiculous. We felt sorry (for ourselves) for the lack of privacy and soothing sounds, like in other spas. Still, we went ahead with the service because we wanted to get our feet pounded.
Foot Massage: Php225

  • The massage itself was good. Rose petals were added on the hot water (for feet soak) before the proper massage. 
  • I personally managed to block out all the sounds and filter the telenovela music from the TV. If you come here, request to have a massage room on the 2nd floor. I bet it will be a much better experience.
D'Interior Spa
Sta. Catalina Street, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Tel: +352 26 34 50

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