XO 46 Bistro Filipino

XO 46 Bistro Filipino is becoming a favorite among Filipino-cuisine-lovers. My mom remembers it so it must be good. She also likes Abe, Crisostomo, and Via Mare. We first tried XO 46 at Century City Mall. With very limited tables, it features impressively roomy chairs and tables. The intricately native details were lovely. Even their subtle wall treatments worked well with the overall theme.
Only 2 tables were occupied that time as we came early for lunch. Patrons came one by one and fill several tables as noon approached.
 The elite-Filipino-Spanish ambiance was a nod to the delicate yet sophisticated dishes they serve.
XO 46 Estancia Mall branch is a bit bigger than their Makati flagship.
It applied the same classic Filipino-themed interiors which showcases opulence and rich heritage.
Complimentary puto, dotted spreads, and cornicks
A small, rolled piece of paper contains trivia of some sort
XO 46 Menu
XO 46 Menu
XO 46 Menu
Sago at Gulaman: Php95
Salabat sa Tanglad: Php75
Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo: Php170
Ginisang Mongo at Tinapa: Php275
Pinaasim na Tilapyang Malutong: Php345
 Adobong Pusit: Php295
 Kare kareng Crispy Tadyang: Php550
 Escabecheng Tilapia: Php295
 Ginataang Halo-halo: Php135
 Banana-Peanut Butter Shake: Php175
Halo-halo Slush: Php135
Complimentary Chocnut bars for dessert

  • Taste-wise, we love their flavors. Perhaps not so much the Salabat, but their Banana-Peant Butter Shake was awesome! Their main dishes were big enough to share.
  • Don't be surprised when the staff call you Señorita or Señorito, and use deep Tagalog words hehehe.. Try conversing with them longer, pretty sure they're obliged to answer in all-Tagalog sentences. 
  • Bit pricey, and probably have their own computation for Senior Citizen discount (which is almost non-existent), but nevermind.. 
XO 46 Bistro Filipino
Century City Mall, Makati
Tel: 553 6632

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