Friday, December 23, 2016

Ceres Bus Cebu to Dumaguete v.v

Ceres Cebu to Dumaguete City
Adult fare: Php250+ boat fee (depending on how much they charge you), about 50-70 per person.
From North Bus Terminal (next to Elizabeth Mall) in Cebu, you can reach neighbor island Negros and the city of Dumaguete in 5-6 hours. The Ceres Bus service offers a straight route, which runs approximately 4-5 hours by land, and 30-minutes by ferry. Several vendors will get on the bus and sell pastries, delicacies, food, water, boiled egg, buco pie, etc..
 Even regular days can be packed, but not too full. They still manage to pick up few passengers along the way.
 Flatscreen TV features movies, and gag shows for entertainment
 Comfy large bus, with large windows.
 One stop-over for toilet breaks. You pay Php5 for using the toilet, which was clean and maintained. You can also buy some random snacks, water, etc.
 There are tables and chairs if you want to eat a full meal at the stop-over. Surely the driver can wait few minutes more for you to finish up your meal.
Approaching the southern part of Cebu to cross the ocean via ferry.
You stay in the bus as it boards the ferry. Once parked, you all get off and climb up the 2nd floor at the passengers area. You can leave your bags, boxes in the bus. Just bring your personal effects with you. There are proper seats, and sometimes the TV is on (although signal is bad).
Bridge of the ferry
 The ferry ride is about 30-40 mins.
Someone will approach you to pay an additional 50-70php as ferry fee. Although it's supposedly inclusive in the fare, you just pay up coz they will give you a receipt anyway.
You can easily see Negros island from the get-go. If you're coming from Dumaguete en-route to Cebu, travel time is same. As you cross the waters, it's only about 20-30minutes 'til you reach Dumaguete City.

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