Cafe Lawis

Cafe Lawis is a destination on its own. Right under The Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, the Cafe is reminiscent of old world heritage. The gigantic trees that welcome you as you arrive, and the sweeping view of the sea at the back (al fresco area). Mostly, it's the calmness and serenity of the place that brings warmth to every guest.
Trees and wide road going to the pier-like edge of the church vicinity.
Cafe Lawis' entrance is on the right. One of the ground floor areas of the structure.
Old wooden barks and planks covered in white paint command such homey touch. Paired with wooden chairs and tables and warm light tones, the sincerity of the place proved relaxing.
  They sell souvenirs, artworks, crafts, rosaries, magnets, beads, necklaces, etc..
Some of the items for sale
Jewelries and rosaries on display
The wide door leads to the back area of the cafe, where you can dine under a large tree, and cozy dim lights at night.
Al fresco dining area. It was drizzling when we came so we opted to eat inside.
Cafe Lawis Menu
Cafe Lawis Menu
Pumpkin Soup: Php65
Mango Juice: Php40
Back Ribs: Php195
Beef Stew: Php195

  • Granted, their prices were affordable, serving size was decent. Although the meat dishes might need more time to soften. It was bit chewy.
  • We liked dining here, but keep track of the hour as you might get carried away with the historical ambiance and settle longer than expected.
  • Parking was free, just park at church grounds/parking space.
Rectory Ground Floor
Our Lady of the Assumption Shrine

Dauis, Bohol
Tel: (038) 502 3016

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