Bolod Beach Resort

We chose Bolod Beach Resort for our accommodation because it was one of the cheapest beachfront resorts in Dumaluan Beach in Panglao. We stayed for 3 nights so we couldn't splash for more than Php1500/night. We skipped Alona Beach due to its overcrowded shores, boats parked next to swimmers, and frankly if you want cheaper rooms, you still have to walk a bit further. Dumaluan beach have the same pristine white sand, and lesser people (and boats).
 From the airport, taxi/vans would charge Php500 per way. The hotel can also pick you up for the same rate. So we took a tricycle instead for only Php300. Expect 30-40minute ride. From the main road in Panglao, you will turn left on a dirt road. It's rocky and very bumpy. By the end of road, the budget hotels were next to each other. Hopefully these hotels would take initiative and fund a concrete road. Have mercy on your customers.
 This is Bolod Beach Resort's village-like accommodation. There's a small receiving area where you check-in. You also come here if you want to talk to hotel staff. A mini-store behind it faces the beach huts fronting the sea.
We rented a motorbike for Php400, from 3PM to around 9PM. The next day, the rate was Php500, from 9AM to 6PM. Gas was on us, we spent around Php350 for 9-hour ride.
 It's not exactly beach front. Only their huts, which can be rented by day-trippers, were beachfront. These individual rooms have their own terrace with table and chairs. It has a nice and secluded community feel to it.
 The beach was totally worth it. It's super sandy white, clean, beautiful, and super relaxing. Try to avoid booking on weekends as hoards of day-trippers come here, occupy the huts and stay until sunset.
 I think the huts can be rented for Php300/day. Don't quote me on that though.
  We love the Dumaluan Beach stretch. Only a handful of boats were anchored here. And they're not even that close, unlike in Alona Beach.
 Dubay Beach Resort share the same walkway and beachfront with Bolod Beach Resort. Across the Bolod Beach rooms were actually Dubay's rooms. They face each other, thus the village-like setting. But Dubay's were Php300 more expensive at Php1800/night.
 Bolod Beach Resort rooms: Php1500/night with set breakfast
 The room was pretty big. Try to close the white light and opt for the bed light instead for a classy feel. It looks more homey this way. If you can, bring your own blanket. The flat sheet was so flat you can see through it.
 Nice and clean
Good aircon unit, cable TV, closet, and a lot of storage space for your stuff.
Good water supply. Sometimes you don't have to turn the heater on as the water was already hot. Perhaps because it's summer. Expect half tap-water and half sea-water. Yup. It's salty so don't get frustrated. Soap and shampoos do bubble so it's not too bad. Complimentary soap and shampoo sachets were provided, as well as toilet paper, and towels.
We get to have our breakfast here. Just pick one hut and they will cover it with a nice table cloth and serve your breakfast tray.
We got plated rice, scrambled egg, meat loaf, coffee sachets, hot and cold water, fruit
Some condiments - salt, soy sauce, ketchup, and fruit of the day - pineapple
Here we had sausage dogs and sunny eggs
For lunch and dinner, walk past Dumaluan Beach Resort (big hotel) and head to DBR Grill. It's way cheaper, food was always freshly cooked, super yummy, and also beach front. Con: expect mighty flies, like a ton of them.
DBR huts next to dining tables are available for day-trippers
DBR Grill Menu
Guyabano Shake and Corn Shake: Php60 each
Crabs (per weight) was around Php65 each, bigger one was Php108. These included rate for your preferred style of cooking. We chose chili and butter garlic. Was totally amazing! BBQ was a mere Php15 each, ha!
Since it's practically next door, and Bolod Beach Resort has no restaurant, we also had lunch and dinner at Dumaluan Beach Resort. Only because we haven't discovered the much cheaper DBR Grill yet at the time.
Of course it has better setting. The restaurant literally fronts the beach. The trellis with hanging cloth sashayed over was lovely. Price was tad more pricey. But you can relax while eating with only 1-2 flies buzzing around. And food tasted great!
Mango Juice, Banana Shake, Pineapple Shake: Php100 each
Pescado Al Fresco: Php265 (top left)
Spicy Chicken Croquettes: Php175 (top right)
Fish Ficatta: Php265 (bottom left)

Dumaluan Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Tel:+63 38 502 4046

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