Wild Ginger

Friday, May 22, 2015
Wild Ginger is an Asian fusion restaurant covering dishes from all over the Orient. They offer dimsum, curries, crispy tawilis, Hainanese chicken, gula melaka, and many more. The decor is clean, old Singaporean bordering classic Cambodian. The all white walls and glass tile windows paired with rattan back chairs and cushy seats add an era-evoking sensation. And it felt good.
Inside, darker table and chairs are used to maximize the space.
Wenge hanging cabinet and classical ceiling fans mix with the aircondition for a cooler effect.
The wall couch is comfortable white with a strong Asian pillow case. Food quality is good for sharing. Taste-wise, it's pretty good and more or less hit the mark of authenticity.
Sorry I forgot what this was. It's probably beef, more or less Php285
Mongo with Malunggay: Php90
Calamansi Juice: Php75
Earl Grey Tea: Php70
Hainanese Chicken: Php295
Crispy Tawilis: Php165
Dinorado Rice (steamed): Php30

Wild Ginger
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell , Makai

Tel: (02) 898-1859

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