St. Marc Cafe

St. Marc Cafe is newest Japanese craze to hit the metro, in a form of a quaint, sweet-smelling cafe. Their greenbelt branch has this nice relaxing ambiance, with the interior evoking international air under frosted lights.
The place is not too large, but there seems to be ample tables to fit everyone in. There are also al fresco seats for them smokers.
We had to try this tall creation called Choco Banana Fuji: Php230, which I paired with Royal Milk Tea: Php130 (small)
Tuna Potato Danish: Php100
Hot Tea: Php100
 French Toast: Php85
 Carbonara Pasta: Php300
Royal Milk Tea: Php130 (small)
St. Marc Cafe Menu

  • It certainly offers something else compared to Starbucks or CBTL. They're more about the coned desserts and pastries. More people are actually eating rather than using their laptops for the WiFi.
  • Will drop by again soon to try other dishes. Nice place!

Greenbelt 3 Makati

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